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This game was created for the Supersensory Megamix '21 Game Jam with the Theme "Sensory Overload"

Podgeball Unlimited is a Multiplayer Game for up to 4 players where you have to dodge and deflect a ton of incoming projectiles in order to survive. Will you be the last man standing?

Multiplayer Instructions 

Local Network: The host just has to press on Host, then someone wanting to join can just go to Join and press Connect without entering a IP as it should find the hosted game on the same network automatically.

Over the Internet: The host probably has to free up Port 7777 in order to be able to be connected to. The host should also grant permission to Windows Firewall if it is asking for it. To connect you have to press on Join and then enter the hosts IP address into the Textfield and press Connect. The hosts IP Address needs to be IPv4 Format (looks like and any IP checker website should give you that. You can just copy and paste the IP that the host gives you into the textfield, no need to type it out yourself.


There is only one Level and no Matchmaking / Server List, so you have to join either in a local network or to the hosts IP Address. This is because I joined the jam late and spent most of the time learning how to do the Multiplayer and trying to polish it as much time allowed. I would love to add more levels, game modes and better multiplayer but I simply had no time to implement more. I hope you still enjoy the game the way it is!


Credits / Resources used
Engine: Unity Engine
Audio: Humble Bundle 
Multiplayer Solution: Mirage
Game Idea, Programming and Sprites: Spreadcamp

Tags2D, Game Jam, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Unity
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Podgeball Unlimited v1.0.zip 36 MB

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