A downloadable game

In the midst of a pandemic you are imprisoned and alone in a cell. You don't know why. You cannot escape this cell. All you can hear day in and day out is the ticking of the clock in your cell. You may still receive letters, but you cannot reply to them. Do not despair. 

The Gameplay

This is a short game in which you are confined to your cell and need to wait for letters from various characters to arrive. These letters tell you that characters story. The gameplay is primarily about reading these letters and there are no voice overs.


  • Designed as a short experience of 1 to 2 hours in which you experience 5 fateful days
  • Multiple characters share their story through letters
  • Immersive captivity
  • Despair and hopelessness
  • Improved Graphics
  • More world building
  • New Items and Interactions
  • New Endings
  • Autosaving between each In-Game Day
  • Full Controller Support
  • Tick-tock, tick-tock...

About this Remake 

This is the officially licensed remake of Presentable Liberty, a short game that originally released in 2014. This remake is a tribute to the late original game creator, Robert "Wertpol" Brock (✝2018) who had planned to create remakes of his games to his high standards but had to give up on the idea for various reasons.

This remake aims to make that dream of a remake come true while remaining faithful to the original game and expanding upon it with some additional content based on the original creators public posts and some of my own ideas.

A portion of the income is getting donated to charity with the goal of suicide prevention.